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Warren Sutherland

About Warren

I did not come from an endurance sport background, in fact my back ground is golf, so not the most physical of sports, but mentally very challenging in it's own respect.

I had my first exposure to triathlons when I volunteered at Ironman Canada in 2000. Between then and 2003 my weight got up to around 130kg and I had longed to do an Ironman.

In October 2003 I began training for the New Zealand Ironman 2006. My first triathlon in November 2004 was one of the hardest things I had endured but loved it. Through the next few years I suffered many injuries and set backs on my way to achieving my goal. the 2006 Ironman New Zealand was weather shortened, and in 2007 I finally completed my first full distance Ironman race.

In March 2008, I was selected to race for New Zealand at the Sprint distance in Vancouver, finishing 11th in the 35-39 age group. Since 2008 I have manage to be selected in each age group team through to 2015 at present.

I also have worked at a local bike store for 2 years and have an extensive knowledge on bikes, bike set ups, and product knowledge on equipment etc. Ask me anything and if I do not know, I love to find out techy things.

I am also a sufferer of depression, which means I did not have an easy journey to reach my goals, so I can appreciate the difficulties Age Group athletes go through as they strive to achieve their dreams.

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Warren's Philosophy

I believe anyone can become a better and stronger athlete through advancement of education, a gain in strength, better technique and the determination to want to work hard.

These are my 4 principles I work to and believe in. Talent only gets you so far, and without the above, talent will always plateau at some point.

"Racing is a celebration of your training"

There will always a point in time where we we will fail to remember why we do our sport and become  in our abilities at the present, we then need to remember what we have done, why we began and embrace our journey to the present point. Remembering is the key to being focussed and not too hard on ourselves in the now.

"When we are at peace with ourselves and our lives are in balance, training is fun and racing is awesome!"

Personal Achievments


New Zealand Aquathlon - Representative (Waikiki, Hawaii, USA) 30-34 AG


Ironman New Zealand Finisher

Tauranga Half Finsher


Ironman New Zealand Finisher

Tauranga Half Finisher


New Zealand Triathlon - Sprint Respresentative (Vanouver, BC, Canada) 35-39 AG


New Zealand Triathlon - Std Representative (Gold Coast, AUS) 35-39 AG

3rd - Wellington Triathlon Sprint Champs Open AG

Ironman New Zealand Finsher

Tauranga Half Finisher


New Zealand Triathlon - Std Representative (Budapest, HUN) 35-39 AG

New Zealand Duathlon -Std Representative (Edinborough, SCO) 35-39 AG


New Zealand Triathlon - Std Representative (Bejiing, CHI) 35-39 AG

2nd - NZ Triathlon Sprint Distance Champs 35-39 AG

3rd - NZ Triathlon Standard Distance Champs 35-39 AG


New Zealand Triathlon - Sprint Representative (Auckland, NZL) 35-39 AG

New Zealand Aquathlon - Representative (Auckland, NZL) 35-39 AG

Ironman New Zealand Finsher

Tauranga Half Finsher


New Zealand Triathlon - Std Representative (London, UK) 40-45 AG

New Zealand Aquathlon -Representative (London, UK) 40-45 AG


New Zealand Triathlon - Std Representative (Edmonton, Can) 40-45 AG

New Zealand Aquathlon -Representative (Edmonton, Can) 40-45 AG

Why us?

Team Monza Triathlon Coaching is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction for triathletes and multisport athletes of varying ages and abilities.

We will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations. 

We offer a variety of services, and clinics, based on your individual or group needs.

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